SwiftPOS Mobile

This option is the most common around restaurants, cafes and can even be used in retail stores these days, serving as a reliable way to perform sales on the go. A better way than writing down the order and taking the docket to the kitchen. Now you can order from the table and the docket will print in the kitchen and you can then proceed on to the next table, providing a smooth experience for everyone.

There are many benefits using mobile technology and it becomes very convenient for businesses. Not only will you be more in control over sales but you will find it easier to increase sales and provide a smooth positive experience for customers. Using a mobile system is a cost efficient and great way to increase sales that help you and the staff to sell products more effectively.

Option 1 for iPAD, Google Nexus Tablet, Samsung Android Tablet, etc (RDP)

A reliable way of using an iPad or an android tablet to take people's orders on the go in a busy environment.

SwiftPOS Mobile

This option uses remote desktop protocol (RDP) applications that connect to one of the computer accounts on the back office computer. Allowing you to perform sales just you would on a POS terminal.

Option 2 for small screens iPod or iPhone with limited SwiftPOS features (RDP)

SwiftPOS on mobile

This set up uses a much smaller screen than a typical POS Terminal so all the configuration screens below have been customised to fit on a small display. Please Note: This layout has limited features so please ensure that you have checked the feature requirements before using this layout. Most customers are using option 1 or option 3 because you can have a consistent keyboard layout as the main POS Terminal. Staff know where every option is on the keyboard and when doing table service this is most important.

Requires a server to be installed to connect the terminals via RDP. This normally requires a more powerful PC with additional memory because you are running multiple SwiftPOS Touch terminals on the one PC.

Option 3 for Windows 8.1 Tablets. (Preferred option from December 2013)

This is the best solution so far because you don't have to install any server software to run RDP sessions on the mobile devices. Because you are running Windows 8.1 all the .NET framework is already installed and you can use security to lock staff out of things like web browsing. No RDP server is required here because it just looks like running another POS Terminal on the network.

SwiftPOS Touch on Toshiba Encore

Mobile Ordering Solutions

Restaurant order taking with a pen and paper can always cause inaccuracies when the waiter attempts to enter the order into the POS system. Incomplete cooking instructions and hard to read writing can sometimes mean an embarrassing trip back to the table to try and clarify the order.

All this can be resolved with the SwiftPOS Mobile Ordering software that takes you through a clearly defined menu structure so that nothing is forgotten and the order is clear. Once the order is saved to the table, the job is done and the waiter can move onto the next table. Patrons appreciate the fast, efficient service and any drink orders to tables appear at the bar immediately as well.

With improved battery life, greater wireless range and more robust hardware it is time to consider SwiftPOS Mobile Ordering as part of your next POS solution.


  • Fast menu operation to quickly find your products.
  • Easy to customise Menu's to create the quickest service on a small display.
  • Forced instructions are easy to set up and vary for different types of meals.
  • Print table bills from SwiftPOS Mobile.
  • Accept payments on the terminal.
  • Easy to make changes to a dish or add personalised instructions.
  • Add additional messages to the order.
  • Prints to multiple kitchen printers or Kitchen Video Software.
  • Table information instantly available on SwiftPOS Mobile.
  • Use your Apple iPAD, Apple iPhone or Apple iPOD as an order terminal running SwiftPOS Mobile.