The transient nature of the hospitality industry and many others generates frequent questions regarding monetary security and staff theft.

Most POS applications will allow for some level of customisation regarding staff access and privileges. This customisation dictates whether certain staff members are able to pay off bills, perform no sales, view reports, etc. It also allows for the functionality of staff activity reporting.

Axeze produce a range of Prox Card readers that can be used for a variety of tasks including fast log-on to Point of Sales machines. Their use in this role enables tighter stock control, tightens cash control and engenders greater staff responsibilities. In many cases these systems pay for themselves in weeks and in some cases days.

KEP readers replace older technologies such as Magnetic Stripe readers and Bar Code readers. They operate in conjunction with Axeze tags and have no moving parts resulting in extremely long lifetimes. Magnetic stripe readers and cards both have a relatively short life span.

The KEP reader achieves its functionality by being able to identify a transponder (tag) presented to it, and sending the tag’s unique code to another device/host. The host then takes appropriate action such as validating the user, based on the rights granted to the holder of that tag. These rights could be access to a cash register, recording data, time or any other task where controls are required.

Key Features & Benefits

KEP is available in a variety of hardware and firmware formats.

The hardware is available with communication interfaces that include USB, PS2, Inverted TTL and RS232.

The output stream ia determined by the firmware. Output can be provided in ASCII or binary format. With the exception of the KEP-5V-M(S) the readers in the MiniKEP range are configurable using the free software tool KEP Config (KEPCfg.exe).

The “MiniKEP” has an 80 x 40mm case and is shown below. The “-M” suffix in the product codes indicates it is a member of the MiniKEP family. The MiniKEP has been designed to mount on the side of terminal equipment using the strip of high performance mounting tape provided in the mounting kit available with the reader.

MiniKEP models available:

  • KEP-USB-M MiniKEP with USB interface KEP-PS2-M
  • MiniKEP with PS2 (PC KEYBOAD) interface
  • KEP-5V-M (Inverted TTL, DC from port)
  • KEP-5V-MS (RS232, DC from port)
  • KEP-12V-M (RS-232, Ext. power pack)
  • KEP-12V-MS (RS232, DC from port)

The advantages of the MiniKEP Proximity Reader are:

  • Long life - No moving parts
  • No demagnetisation of cards
  • Faster more accurate processing of sales
  • Tighten stock control
  • No pin numbers
  • Trillions of different codes embedded in highly secure tags
  • Fast user ID
  • Tags are fully recyclable
  • Non contact

BENEFITS TO STAFF resulting in higher morale

  • No keys
  • No swiping cards
  • No passwords
  • No Frustration fixing mistyped passwords.
  • Ensures all sales tracked
  • Less stress – faster processing
  • Hands free
  • Fast

BENEFITS TO MANAGEMENT resulting in saving $$$$

  • Tighten stock control
  • Faster processing of sales
  • Greater staff responsibility
  • Happy customers – speed of sales
  • Accurate processing of sales
  • Long life – no moving parts
  • Greater security – no broken or non-operating cards

RFID Wristbands

Here are some of the wristbands that are compatible with the Axeze RFID reader:
RFID Wristband 1 RFID Wristband 2 RFID Wristband 3
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To find out more download the Axeze RFID brochure to see what the benefits are for your company:
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