This compact, handy scanner offers top-of-its-class scanning, operability, and durability.

With the inclusion of Advanced Scan Plus, an evolutionary advancement in scanning technology,the AT20B has achieved twice the scanning speed of earlier models, bringing improvements to work efficiency when performing inspections and other continuous barcode-scanning tasks.

The AT20B enables super-deep-field scanning compatible with a variety of tasks, from close-up scanning to distant scanning, making it possible to perform smooth scanning regardless of the scanner's position.

  • Configuration Software at Time of Introduction
    • Configuration Method 1 - Upload all parameters at once as a batch operation from a PC via the COM port.
    • Configuration Method 2 - Using the configuration software to output a batch configuration barcode, you can scan in all the parameters in one go with the AT20B.
  • Comprehensive functionality that broadens the possibilities for scanning
    • Auto-sense mode
      • The AT20B automatically detects when a label is placed in view and begins to scan it, it can really demonstrate its strengths in the workplace when attached to a stand for operation.
    • Data verifying function
      • The AT20B includes Verifying functional that registers a master code and compares it to the scanning target.
    • Data editing functions
      • It accommodates simple programming functionality (ADF scripting), permitting many different operation control possibilities like data truncating and sorting.
    • Command control
      • The operational status of the scanner can be controlled with commands from a superordinate device.
        Software trigger: turns scanning on or off