About SwiftPOS Software

SwiftPOS Point of Sale Software is a comprehensive point of sale system that can be scaled to meet the needs of any type of hospitality or retail operation. Designed to suit Restaurants, Cafe's, Bars, Clubs, Hotels, Bottle Shops, Quick Service and Retail in single store/multi-store/franchise environments. 

The SwiftPOS Point of Sale Software has designed to be simple to use with bullet proof reliability for high speed operation in busy environments. It offers everything you want in a Point of Sale solution and is still easy to use. SwiftPOS is a cost effect solution for any sized operation and is currently installed in many small venues with single POS terminals up and scales up to large stadiums and Franchise chains with over 200 POS terminals connected to a single SwiftPOS server. The SwiftPOS software can be purchased outright, or paid for on a subscription basis with no up front fees. You can also add more POS Terminals onto you licence at any time for short term events like festivals or busy periods of the year.   

Key Software Features and Benefits

  • Unlimited keypad levels with choice of keypad layouts to suit different customer’s requirements.
  • Integrated EFTPOS with all the major Banks in Aust/NZ.
  • Display/Print up to 30 Character Product Descriptions.
  • Staff Training Mode.
  • Up to 4 Cash Drawers per POS with individual Cash balancing.
  • Fast payment methods for $10/$20/$50 tendered amounts.
  • Multiple payment methods including Vouchers, Paid Outs and EFTPOS Cash Outs with split tendering over any number of media.
  • Fast searching by Description, Bar Code or PLU.
  • Unlimited Shift levels to sell a product in many different sizes.(single, 6pk, carton etc)
  • Discounts by $ or % maintaining a minimum margin.
  • Hold and resume any number of concurrent sales transactions.
  • Reprinting of any previous receipts.
  • Up to 10 price levels per PLU.
  • Unlimited bar codes per product.
  • Links to scales and sell pre-packed items by weight.
  • Based on Microsoft SQL Server for robust POS operation.
  • Independent operation at the POS with no central point of failure.
  • POS can run locally or over the Internet without no difference in performance.

More Features

  • Drag and Drop Keypad designer for fast, efficient management.
  • Change prices in the Back Office from the POS for quick price corrections.(password controlled)
  • Manual text entry with pop up keypad available for selected products that are recorded with the sale.(String PLU’s)
  • Read and Reset at the end of each shift.(X and Z Reads) Sales Summary Reports for cash balancing purposes.
  • Print on thermal and impact receipt printers using RS232, Parallel, USB, Ethernet or wireless connections.
  • Multiple tax rates can be applied to every product including tax free price levels.
  • Updates can be requested from the POS as well as automatically sent from the Back Office Software.

Mobile Ordering Solutions

Restaurant order taking with a pen and paper can always cause inaccuracies when the waiter attempts to enter the order into the POS system. Incomplete cooking instructions and hard to read writing can sometimes mean an embarrassing trip back to the table to try and clarify the order.

All this can be resolved with the SwiftPOS Mobile Ordering software that takes you through a clearly defined menu structure so that nothing is forgotten and the order is clear. Once the order is saved to the table, the job is done and the waiter can move onto the next table. Patrons appreciate the fast, efficient service and any drink orders to tables appear at the bar immediately as well.

With improved battery life, greater wireless range and more robust hardware it is time to consider SwiftPOS Mobile Ordering as part of your next POS solution.


  • Fast menu operation to quickly find your products.
  • Easy to customise Menu's to create the quickest service on a small display.
  • Forced instructions are easy to set up and vary for different types of meals.
  • Print table bills from SwiftPOS Mobile.
  • Accept payments on the terminal.
  • Easy to make changes to a dish or add personalised instructions.
  • Add additional messages to the order.
  • Prints to multiple kitchen printers or Kitchen Video Software.
  • Table information instantly available on SwiftPOS Mobile.
  • Use your Apple iPAD, Apple iPhone or Apple iPOD as an order terminal running SwiftPOS Mobile.
SwiftPOS Mobile